Modern Country, Alan Prazniak

August 6 - August 25, 2020

Modern Country is a virtual solo exhibition by Alan Prazniak at Geary.

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Olive, 2020
Oil on canvas
22 x 28 in.

Geary’s online initiative opened on Tuesday, April 21, and will continue through the reopening of the gallery’s physical space on the Bowery in New York City. Prazniak’s statement on Modern Country follows:

This was a year of travel and change, so I had the idea to use those experiences to make a picture album. The project, I thought, was a simple way to stitch together color and place. But thoughts and things drift into the studio to lead and mislead, and there’s a complex freedom in that powerlessness. As I acted on simpler impulses the rules loosened and the scope of the album broadened. 

 Drawing has always been my base camp, and it became the central language of the paintings, in some cases even dictating the content. I felt that travel, record-keeping, touch, pressure, wind, were all forms of drawing guiding an experiment in genre. 

And I was listening to a lot of Emmylou Harris.

Alan Prazniak was born in 1985 and was raised on a horse farm in rural Pennsylvania.

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Alan Prazniak

The artist received a BFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an MFA from Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Prazniak’s work has been shown at: Geary in New York City; Hesse Flatow in New York City; Kristen Lorello in New York City; and Silvermine Galleries in New Canaan, Connecticut; among others. Prazniak has also shown work with Geary at Untitled Art Fair Miami Beach in 2021, NADA Miami in 2019, and Untitled San Francisco in 2019. Prazniak’s work has been covered in Artform, Forbes, Whitehot Magazine, Two Coats of Paint and Flaunt Magazine, among others. Prazniak lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.