Recent Works, Ayse Wilson

February 7 - February 24, 2013

Jack Geary Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of his inaugural exhibition, Ayse Wilson: Recent Works.

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Featuring Wilson’s recent paintings and works on paper, the exhibition focuses on the role childhood experiences play when it comes to growing up. The show will be on view February 8 – 24 at Site/109, a pop-up space for exhibitions, located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  “In her recent work, Ayse Wilson mines the threshold between infancy and adolescence, innocence and experience,” says Peter Benson Miller, an independent curator.

Inspired by her imagination and found photographs, Wilson paints images of children, in isolation as well as in groups, all set against monochromatic backgrounds. Examining themes of fantasy and innocence, the figures are generalized and take on an illustrative quality that recalls cartoons and Japanese anime.

Her atmospheric compositions convey a sense of tense nostalgia, yet the pictorial renderings suggest a feeling that some of the childhood moments depicted are not that far removed. At a time when children seem to be growing up too quickly, Wilson’s work explores the contrast and commonalities of childhood and adulthood. It is a reminder that the vulnerability and innocence present during one’s youth remain important parts in formulating one’s identity. One can’t help asking, “Do we really have to grow up?”

Ayse Wilson is a Turkish-American artist who lives and works in New York City.

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Ayse Wilson

Her work draws from memory and emotion to remind viewers of youth, innocence and the timeless space we occupy when we are young. She creates lively and childlike characters, finding inspiration in the works of early Italian Renaissance masters such as Fra Angelico. Wilson graduated from Wellesley College in 1991, and pursued her education in Florence. She received her MFA at New York Academy of Art, and afterwards worked as a painting assistant to Jeff Koons for two years. She is also represented by the Pg Art Gallery in Istanbul.