Field Recordings, Alan Prazniak

September 17 - November 6, 2021

Geary is pleased to present Field Recordings, a new exhibition of oil paintings by Alan Prazniak presented at both 208 Bowery in Manhattan and 34 Main Street in Millerton, New York.

If I find a good view, I’ll bring it back to the studio
and wring it out until it’s almost nothing.

I’m after a critical pointlessness, the odd way
through a composition without a center. To
understand how the quietest part of the
painting is as vital as the loudest, and the
small ways that they’re held together.

I think I keep going back to the outdoors
because it aligns with my feelings about
painting; wandering as an important gesture
and a complicated freedom, an attempt to find
meaning where there might be none.

In Virginia we did acid in the backyard of a
haunted house. I felt a very important sense of
all things just passing through.

Alan Prazniak

Alan Prazniak was born in 1985 and was raised on a horse farm in rural Pennsylvania.

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Alan Prazniak

The artist received a BFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an MFA from Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Prazniak’s work has been shown at: Geary in New York City; Hesse Flatow in New York City; Kristen Lorello in New York City; and Silvermine Galleries in New Canaan, Connecticut; among others. Prazniak has also shown work with Geary at Untitled Art Fair Miami Beach in 2021, NADA Miami in 2019, and Untitled San Francisco in 2019. Prazniak’s work has been covered in Artform, Forbes, Whitehot Magazine, Two Coats of Paint and Flaunt Magazine, among others. Prazniak lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


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