The Best Booths of Expo Chicago 2017

Observer | September 2017

By Taylor Dafoe

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Today, Expo Chicago returns to its home on the Navy Pier overlooking Lake Michigan. This is the sixth edition of the city’s annual art fair and exhibition platform, which is the biggest of its kind in the Midwest.

The center of the fair lies in the convention center, where 135 galleries, non-profit organizations, and arts publications from 25 countries around the world have set up booths, ready to start selling. It’s a surprisingly spacious affair, at least compared to other major events. In fact, on the whole, the product is more thoughtful than the typical art fair offerings. From individual booths, to large-scale projects (some of which span the entire city), this year’s Expo is marked by attentive curation and sincere Chicago love.

At the Geary Contemporary booth, a simple swing hangs from the rafters by plain cloth strands. The work, created by artist Vadis Turner, features an acrylic base covered—literally—in the sweat and tears of ovulating women.