Grand Slam, Brendan Burdzinski

November 2 - December 8, 2018

“Industrial societies turn their citizens into image junkies, it’s the most irresistible form of mental pollution.” –Susan Sontag

Geary Contemporary is pleased to present Grand Slam, a solo exhibition in the gallery’s Project Space by New York City-based photographer, Brendan Burdzinski. Working in direct result of his social and political surroundings, his studies in photojournalism and psychology have nurtured his process to create works that serve as pragmatic and dialectic discussion regarding American Identity.

In Grand Slam, Brendan Burdzinski examines images in the collective American stream, re-appropriating the instant lottery ticket and presenting it as an icon. A selection of three scratch-off lottery tickets in Geary Project Space have been digitally manipulated, altered, and repurposed, intervening in the cycle of consumption and disposal and recycling it into another system. At face value, Grand Slam attempts to scratch the surface of a new religion.

Brendan Burdzinski lives and works in New York, NY. Recent New York exhibitions include Spielplatz, Geary Contemporary (2017), Annual Group Show, Wood Pile (2016), Cold Open Verse, presented by Blonde Art Books & Poet Transmit, Knockdown Center (2016), One Night Stand, Duty Free Gallery (2016), and Annual Group Show, Woodpile (2016). He also participated in the Los Angeles, CA exhibition Snap to Grid, LACDA (2015). Curatorial projects include Postures: Sophie Hirsch, Duty Free Gallery (2016). He received a BA in Photo Journalism from University of California at Long Beach (Long Beach, CA).