Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2023

December 5 - December 10, 2023

Geary is pleased to present a solo exhibition at Untitled Art featuring the work of multimedia artist and surrealist painter, Lizzie Gill.

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The fair will run December 6-10, 2023 with an opening preview on Tuesday, December 5 from 12-7pm.

Gill’s work explores themes of domesticity in a contemporary context. Her work is a nostalgic look at the past and innocence with a twist, prompting one to question their sense of time and culture. Gill sources images from museum catalogs or early 20th century magazines and transfers them to the painting, carefully sanding away the paper to leave behind the image encased in medium. Along with acrylic paint, she uses a marble dust emulsion, piped onto the piece with a cake piping tool to create low relief patterns that contrast with the flattened imagery and matte colors. The picture is at once flattened but also tactile, a new image made of recycled imagery.

Gill’s presentation at Untitled examines the idea of ‘women in translation’ – the responsibility and complication of inheritance and heirlooms passed down through matriarchy. The work recontextualizes historical objects and narratives in historically male dominated spaces and in doing so, creates a mise en scene with careful placement to synthesize the past and present to create something new.