NADA Miami Beach 2016

December 1 - December 4, 2016

Geary Contemporary is pleased to present recent work by Alex Herzog for NADA Miami Beach 2016.


Alexander Herzog
eh-eh, 2016
oil on LDF
24h x 24w

Herzog paints on panel, tracing frenetic gestures into thick layers of wet gesso, with compositions that recall torqued and distressed fabric. Tangled surface films of oil and enamel paints act as opaque “grafts” that build to a presence of reflective depth and density, interrupting the weave of painting’s history and staking their claim in the present twists and turns of image creation. As Scott Cowan writes “Herzog’s gestures are not about the movement of a body upon the skin, the gesso, or the surface. Instead they represent the transformative power motion is capable of in bringing the future into the present.” Alex Herzog is the on-site director of The Suburban Milwaukee. Selected exhibitions include Kiehle Visual Arts Center, St Cloud, MN, The Ski Club, Milwaukee, WI, Threewalls, Chicago, IL, Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA, Riverside Arts Center,Riverside, IL, and Roots and Culture, Chicago, IL. Herzog had his first solo exhibition at Geary Contemporary in October of this year.